Chimes (October 3, 2021)


Pentecost 19

Lections: Job 1:1, 2:1-10; Psalm 26 (Refrain: Do not sweep me away with sinners.); Mark 10:2-16


  • Holy Eucharist/BAS
  • Officiant/Homilist: Dean William Bellamy
  • Reader: Stewart Button

Hymns: CP: 593 vs. 1, 2, 6; 397 vs. 1 & 2; 506 vs. 1, 2, 3, 4; 47 vs. 1, 2, 3, 4; 399 vs. 1, 2, 3

Table of Contents

Ministry & Mission at the Ascension

  • Thanksgiving/Welcome Back Sunday: Sunday, October 10, will be Thanksgiving Sunday and Welcome Back Sunday. Although most of our groups are not physically active, their ministries continue at the parish. At the Welcome Back service, symbols from various groups and organizations will be on display amongst our thanksgiving items. We hope to see you there!
  • Office Notices:
    • The office will be closed on Monday, October 11 in observance of Thanksgiving.
    • Reverend Lynn will be away from the church on vacation from October 3 – October 9.
    • Reverend Barbara Boone will be available for emergency or pastoral calls during this time. Her number is 364-2814.
    • We thank Dean Bellamy for officiating at today’s service.
  • Community Supper: The pandemic has affected us all in a variety of ways. For some, the pandemic has been around issues of food security. In simple terms, many do not know where their next meal is coming from. The churches of Mount Pearl, local businesses, local food banks and the City of Mount Pearl have partnered to try and offer a “hand up” to those who find themselves in such a situation. A free hot meal will be offered weekly on a takeout basis. Covid protocols will be observed. Further details will be provided as they become available.
  • Annual General Meeting: The AGM is scheduled for October 24 at 2 p.m. in the Auditorium. Masks are required and physical distancing will be observed. The Diocesan Administrator will be attending the AGM. Reports will be available a week prior to the meeting if you are interested in obtaining one.
  • Updated Mask Mandate: The updated mask mandate states the following: An individual solo performer or speaker can remove their mask while speaking or singing provided that they are at least two meters from other individuals. All others must wear a mask while gathered indoors. This will apply to any and all gatherings that take place on church properties.
  • CLB Activities: CLB will be selling Old Dutch Halloween Chips and Cheesies again this year at a cost of $6.50 per box. Deadline for ordering is October 14. Orders will be delivered between October 17 to 23 and Covid protocols will be observed. For information, please contact Company Commander Capt. Jamie Hill at [email protected] or 699-3388 or Company Adjutant Cindy Pretty at [email protected] or 691-2069. Refer to the CLB website at for more information.
  • Key Message from Vestry: Dear Parishioners: Last week it was stated in the Chimes that our Parish is in a dire situation regarding the lack of a full complement of Vestry and Wardens. After consultation with the Diocese, I have received this response from Diocesan Administrator, The Venerable Charlene Taylor and the Chancellor of the Diocese, Brad Wicks:

The Parish status is threatened without wardens. If there is no core lay leadership group, the Diocese could disestablish the Parish.

This was a difficult conversation for me to have with the Diocese and was very difficult to receive the response that was given, but this is our reality. We ask that you give prayerful consideration by coming forward as a Warden or Vestry member. Our meetings have been on-line and will continue to be so while the mask mandate is in place. Let us all be vigilant in prayer as we discern where is God is leading us. Blessing to you all, Reverend Lynn.

  • Pre-Authorized Givings: If you would like to set up pre-authorized givings, please contact the church office at 368-5693 for direction.
  • Church Envelopes and Donations: Just a reminder to include your name, envelope number and amount of the giving on the envelope when you submit your donation. This will ensure you receive credit on your yearly tax receipts. Thank you.
  • E-Transfer: What a great way to contribute to the parish for your weekly offering or special project! If you would like to use an alternate method of payment, please use the following email address: [email protected] and the password is church.
  • COVID Teams: We are looking for new members to join our team. Presently we have five teams, but not a full complement of people on each team. If you would like to join this ministry, please contact Kim Pike [email protected] or the church office.
  • CLB Lunch Take-Out: Each week the CLB offers take out lunch specials on Friday. If you are interested in purchasing for your home or office group, please call 722-1737 to pre-order. Orders must be received by Thursday at 11 a.m. Free delivery for orders of five or more dinners.
  • Services During the Week:
    • October 10, 2021, Thanksgiving/Welcome Back Sunday: 11:00am - Holy Eucharist/BAS

    Prayers of the People

    Let us intercede before the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ for the sake of the Church, the world, and one another.

    Thank you, dear Father, that we may call you Father, and Jesus Brother, and know each other as sisters and brothers, united to Jesus through your Holy Spirit. Thank you that this happens even when our earthly family is troubled or absent. Help us extend your family-love to all who need you most. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

    You appointed Jesus as our High Priest. Form your Church into his temple and his home. Make it attentive and faithful to your Word. Use it to challenge and comfort to us, for we struggle with sin and temptation. Let us take heart and cling to Jesus, who was tempted as we are, save without sin. Grant that we may share his life forever. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

    Give strength, faith, and charity to your persecuted servants. Soften the hearts of their tormentors, and turn many from scorn and hatred of Christ to life-giving faith in him. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

    By ties of blood and faith, this congregation is a family. Help us to be your family, and to lovingly befriend and mentor new sisters and brothers in Christ. Give us boldness to invite, patience to teach, wisdom to counsel, kindness to embrace, and gentleness to encourage them. We pray for the parishes of St. Lawrence, St. Luke and those worshipping in The Church in Wales. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

    Deal gently with families who are struggling, especially with divorce. Help couples and their children to know your presence in their lives and by your grace, heal the bitterness and anger. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

    Grant wisdom, integrity, and humility to earthly leaders. Make the welfare of their people more important than their own agenda or power. Teach us to live, so far as it is possible, in peace with one another. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

    We pray for all who stand in harm’s way on our behalf. Equip them with courage and compassion; competence and fairness; a zeal for justice and a heart for mercy. Bring them home safely and soon when their task is done; and bestow your peace on us all. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

    Let all who suffer in mind, body or spirit find welcome and healing in our Saviour’s arms. We pray especially for those on the Ascension Prayer Cycle. We pray for those who have been divorced or are going through a break up. Bless, heal, and love them. Help us to be gentle and humble, that they may firmly believe that we love them too. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

    We thank you for your steadfast mercy and loving kindness to all who died trusting your dear Son. Unite us with Jesus by the power of your Holy Spirit. Help us to live in faith toward you and in fervent love toward one another. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

    Incline your ear to our prayers, dear Lord; and answer them according to your most gracious and holy will, for the sake of your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

    Ascension Prayer Cycle: Aden, Amelia, Amy, Ann, Annie, Aubrey, Audrey, Barbara, Brenda, Brian, Brittany, Brandon, Callum, Carl, Cathy, Christina, Cindy, Claire, Clarence, Connie, David, Debra, Delilah, Dennis, Derrick, Don, Donna, Doreen, Dot, Doug, Dulcie, Ed, Edie, Edgar, Elaine, Emily, Erin, Evelyn, Finnley, Frederick, Fred, Frank, Flo, Garrett, Gary, George, Gerald, Glenda, Gordon, Harry, Ike, Ina, Ingrid, Ira, Jack, Janet, Jason, Jennifer, Jenny, John, Josephine, Joan, Judy, Junior, Kent, Kevin, Kim, Laura, Leo, Leonie, Lori, Luke, Madeline, Marie, Marsha, Mark, Marion, Marylou, Maxine, Maxwell, Melvin, Michael, Michelle, Mike, Mona, Nancy, Pam, Rachel, Randell, Rochelle, Rodney, Roland, Ruby, Ruth, Rita, Sadie, Sam, Sean, Shirley, Stephen, Susan, Tina, Todd, Tom, Valerie and Warwick.

    Other Documents

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    Anglian Church of Canada One Licence #733242-A Book of Alternative Services The Taizé Community Book of Common Praise GIA Publications Wee Worship Book The Iona Community CCLI License # 1733318Resources for Chimes from the above sources