Chimes (February 19, 2023)


Transfiguration Sunday

Lections: Exodus 24:12-18; Psalm 99(Refrain:  The Lord our God is the Holy One); 2 Peter 1:16-21; Matthew 17:1-9.

11:00am: BAS/HE

  • Officiant/Homilist: The Very Reverend William Bellamy

Readers: Dana Dawe, Chesley Welcher

Hymns: 166; 167; 505; 48; 393

Ministry & Mission at the Ascension

    • Ash Wednesday Service: On Wednesday, February 22, at 7 p.m., we will hold our Ash Wednesday service with the Imposition of Ashes.
    • World Day of Prayer: The annual service will be held on Friday, March 3, at First United Church, Mount Pearl, at 7:00 p.m. All are welcome and refreshments will be served after the service.
    • Lenten Cards: If you would like to make a Lenten offering, there are Lenten cards available at the entrance of the church. Feel free to pick one up. Thank you.
    • Ascension Café: The next Ascension Café will be on February 26. All are welcome to attend!
    • Bishop Sam’s Lenten Letter: We have copies available at the entrance of the church or you may read the Bishops Lenten letter at Thank you.
    • Set Sail: Charting the Course for Christ's Church is the strategic planning process for the Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador. Six strategic goals have been developed for 2024 and 2025 which are being rolled out in 2023. As we work towards these goals together, we will be looking for ways to share the stories of how we are living out the goals. We also want to demonstrate the outcomes from our efforts towards the goals. To help lay the foundation for measuring our progress, we would like to understand the current views of the people of the Diocese on personal faith and parish life. We will use these views as a baseline against which we will measure the impact of Set Sail. Participation is completely anonymous, and there is no direct link between the responses and people or parishes. No personal information is being collected. We would love to hear from you and the people around you! The survey can be completed on your smartphone, tablet/iPad, or computer. Please take a few minutes to share your views at The survey will be open until March 7, 2023.
    • Message from Bishop Sam: We have launched the online and social media phase of Set Sail: Charting the Course for Christ’s Church. Our website is now live, and you can find all the latest at:
      February 12, Epiphany Vl.docx. Our social media sites are:
    • Community Supper Take-out for Those in Need: This is a hot, free take-out meal for those in need. Meal will be served from the entrance of the Church of the Good Shepherd on Richard Nolan Drive on Wednesday, February 22. If you know someone who could use a hot meal, please pick one up for them. Covid-19 protocols will be observed. Meals will be available from 5:00 to 6:00 pm.
    • Wednesday Lenten Services: Each Wednesday in Lent we will hold an evening service (BAS/Evening Prayer) at 7 p.m., beginning on Wednesday, March 1.
    • Readers for Lenten Services: If you are interested in reading at any of the Lenten services, please sign the sheet located at the entrance of the church or call the church office. Thank you.
    • Contact Information for Parish Rector/Priest-in-Charge: If you would like to contact the parish Rector/Priest-in-Charge, you may now call 769-2533.
    • Anglican Chaplains to Institutions: The Anglican Chaplains to Institutions are looking for Eucharistic Ministers to volunteer a few hours every six to eight weeks to assist in the administration of the Holy Eucharist in these institutions. If you are interested in this ministry, please contact Rev. David Pilling ([email protected]) or Archdeacon Ed Keeping ([email protected]). Thank you.
    • Food Bank: Please remember those in need. When you are picking up your groceries, please add an item or two and drop it in the food bank box at the entrance of the church. Thank you to all parishioners who have contributed to the food bank. Items are much needed and greatly appreciated!
    • Church of the Good Shepherd: Pancake Supper on Tuesday, February 21. Dine-in or take-out meals are available. Suppers include pancakes, baked beans, sausages, and desert, all for $10 (children $6). Take-out will be available for pick up at 4:30 p.m. Dine-in will be served at 6 p.m. For tickets, please call the church office at 747-1022.
    • Church Givings: If you have offerings for the church, you may:
      • drop them off at the drop box on the front steps (to the right). This mailbox is monitored regularly;
      • e-transfer to [email protected]. Be sure to indicate where you would like your donation allocated;
      • contact the office to sign up for preauthorized givings. Church number is 368-5693 or email [email protected].
      • If you have givings at home and you are unable to bring them to the church, please let us know and we will arrange to have them picked up.
    • Services During the Week:
      • Sunday, Feb. 26, 2023, Lent I: 11:00am, BAS/HE
      • Wednesday, February 22, Ash Wednesday: 7:00pm, Imposition of Ashes

      Other Documents

      Anglian Church of Canada One Licence #733242-A Book of Alternative Services The Taizé Community Book of Common Praise GIA Publications Wee Worship Book The Iona Community CCLI License # 1733318Resources for Chimes from the above sources