Ascension News (June 12, 2020)

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  • Last Sunday, June 7, marked the beginning of the Trinity Season.  The concept of the Holy Trinity has always been a difficult one to grasp.  Maybe this simple Celtic Christian prayer will simplify it somewhat:

Three folds of the cloth, yet only one napkin is there,
Three joints in the finger, but still only one finger fair,
Three leaves of the shamrock, yet no more than one shamrock to wear,
Frost, snowflakes and ice, all in water their origin share,
Three persons in God; to one God alone we make our prayer.
(Author unknown)

  • I trust you enjoyed the online church service last Sunday.  Again this coming Sunday, June 14,  at 11 a.m. the Parishes of St. Michael and All Angels, St. Mary the Virgin, the Good Shepherd, and the Ascension are hosting Morning Prayer from the Book of Alternative Services.  Come and join us at  (You do not need to be on Facebook to view the live service.)
  • Just a reminder to keep looking among your photo collection to see if you have any pictures that would add to the history of the Parish.  It would be most appreciated.  You can forward them electronically by email, or you can drop off the actual prints at church and they will be scanned and returned to you unharmed.  They are aiming to complete this project over the next couple of weeks.
  • Today, June 12, Reverend Charlie Green will be celebrating his 65th Anniversary of his Ordination.  Traditionally in the church, ordinations were held on the feast of St. Michael and All Angels and at Pentecost, so Charlie has chosen June 12 to celebrate.  Let us remember in our prayers Charlie and his family, as well as the ministry of all who are celebrating ordination anniversaries at this time.  We give great thanks for Charlie's faithful ministry throughout our province.
  • The planning team of the four Parishes has designated the third Sunday of each month as family/youth Sunday.  During worship on that Sunday there will be  a celebration of birthdays for that given month, so please send a picture of yourself to include during the Birthday Sunday celebration portion of the liturgy.  On June 21, birthdays in the month of June will be celebrated.  Please send your photos to [email protected].  Deadline for submitting photos is Thursday, June 18, at 5 p.m.
  • June 21 is also  Father's Day, the day when all our fathers and father figures will be celebrated.  So you can take and send a picture of your father figure and it will be used at the beginning of the Sunday online service.  Send to [email protected] before 5 p.m. on Thursday, June 18.  All will be looking forward to seeing those you love.
  • The Ministerial of Mount Pearl continues to raise money to benefit the Foodbanks in Mount Pearl.  By now all of you know the process involved to donate to this worthy cause - to be brief, log in to, search for Parish of the Ascension (which is collecting on behalf of all the Mount Pearl congregations) and follow the prompts to donate.  Thanks so very much!
  • Although we have moved into Alert Level Three, public worship is still prohibited.  The Ascension still provides online worship through on Sundays at 11 a.m., as well as #ThursdaysinBlack on  On the new website there are links to the four parishes, as well as daily prayer links, Bible Study links, Children's church resources, Lavrock Camping Program update, Giving opportunities, and much more.
  • When you are checking on your friends, relatives, and neighbours, please remember to contact the clergy if you know of anyone who is really struggling during this stressful time. In the meantime, the clergy is aiming to contact all parishioners since the church building closed, but our church list may not be entirely up to date.  If you, or someone you know, has not been contacted, please phone or email the office and give the latest contact information.
  • Thanks to all who have written 'Resurrection Reminders' to date.  This week make sure you read Doris Piercey's lovely 'Reminder' which will be included in this week's Chimes - posted on the Parish's website as well as on Facebook.
  • This week greetings are being sent by 'The Ways and Means Committee.'  Read this writeup as well in the Chimes that you will receive by internet this weekend.
  • In addition to the New Church Website, there are also new e-mail addresses for the Ascension.
  • The church website which you may already know is and the office e-mail is[email protected].
  • Each Thursday, the Parish of the Ascension continues to host a zoom hour with Rev'd David.  Many of you have viewed it to date.  It is streamed live to the Parish of the Ascension Facebook page.  More details of this hour is written in the weekly Chimes.
  • Food First NL continues to work with communities in Newfoundland and Labrador to ensure everyone has access to affordable, healthy, and culturally appropriate food.  Please visit their website at to find up updates to NL Community Food Programs.
  • By now, you have most likely read or heard about Anglican East NL Virtual Lavrock Summer Camp. This notice is a reminder to contact [email protected] if your child or grandchild is interested.  This is a free camp, but pre-registration is required.  Once an interest in the camp has been expressed, you will be sent a complete information package.
  • If you are still interested in donating to the parish ministry, you can use your church envelopes and drop them in the mailbox at church, you can set up pre-authorized givings by contacting the church office at 368-5693, or via Canada Helps through our parish website.

Take care,

God Bless you all, 
Jean (On behalf of the Ascension)