Ascension News (March 26, 2021)

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‘They took Palm branches and went out to meet him, shouting “Hosanna”.  Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord…’ John 12:13

  • This Sunday, March 28, is Palm Sunday.  The Blessing of the Palms and Morning Prayer at 11 a.m. will be live-streamed.  It was wonderful to see the service live-streamed from our church last Sunday - attended only by those, of course, who are directly involved with the leading of worship and the live-streaming of worship. Special thanks to all those who make this service available to us every Sunday morning.  We all hope and pray that before long we will all be able to attend once again.
  • Several of us fondly remember making palm crosses for Palm Sunday.  Naturally, with the COVID restrictions, we were not able to participate in doing that this year, but you will be pleased to know that you can still receive a palm cross following the Palm Sunday service. For those interested, a table will be set up in the vestibule of the church at the front steps from 12 noon until 1 o’clock on Sunday, March 28.  You will need to wear your mask and to practice proper physical distancing as required by provincial guidelines when you arrive to receive your cross.
  • Maybe most of you are quite adept at accessing the live-streaming of the services on Sundays and Wednesdays. Then again, maybe some of you are still having trouble, in that case, just call the office and leave a message including your name and phone number, and a member of our Parish Audio-visual Team will be only too glad to contact you to help.
  • All pastoral visits/interactions are either by telephone, email, or zoom appointments with either Archdeacon David or Rev’d Lynn.  To arrange an appointment, please contact them by email or cell phone.  Archdeacon David may be reached at 746-2095 or by [email protected] and Rev’d Lynn may be reached at 682-8500 or by email at [email protected]
  • ‘Lent in a Bubble’ at continues each Wednesday morning at 10, and the ‘Compline service’ continues Wednesday evenings at 8 at
  • A little while ago, the clergy from the Ministerial of Mount Pearl along with our Mayor, the Principal of Mount Pearl Senior High, and the Coordinator of the Mount Pearl Seniors’ Independence Group came together to offer a Vigil for those affected by the most recent lockdown. You can watch this on the YouTube video at and maybe share it with family and friends.
  • I presume you know by now that Lenten Folders could not be picked up from the church, but you can still contribute by placing your donation in an envelope and dropping it in the church mailbox, located at the front of the church.  Don’t forget to write your name and your church envelope number on the envelope.  You can also contribute via Canada helps (the path to which is on the church website as well as on previous enews and in the Chimes.)
  • Don’t forget that your pictures for each month for Birthday/Anniversary Sundays must be sent to [email protected] by the end of the first week of the month in which your special day occurs.
  • In speaking of Birthdays, Archdeacon David, in thanksgiving for his April birthday, and in support of Home Again Furniture Bank, is going to sleep on the floor on April 23 for its ‘Heads Without Beds Campaign.’ He will be honoured if you would make a donation to support this essential ministry and enable families to create homes by receiving furnishings for their homes. In the process of doing that, you would also help to eliminate furniture poverty, and assist the community in eradicating poverty.  Great thanks are extended for your anticipated support of this worthy cause.  You can donate at:
  • This year our Maundy Thursday Renewal of Vows and Oils will be online.  In consultation with Archdeacon Roger, there will be a small gathering with the representation of the Deacons and Priests in attendance.  The liturgy will be live-streamed via the Diocesan and Cathedral Facebook pages at 10:30 a.m. (Newfoundland time) on Maundy Thursday, April 1.
  • I am attaching a notice I received from Archdeacon David this morning regarding the effect of COVID restrictions Level II at the church level. Please read carefully.

God Bless you all,
Jean (On behalf of the Ascension)