Ascension News (January 28, 2022)

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Candlemas, one of the most ancient feasts in the Christian church, is known as ‘the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord,’ celebrated annually on February 2.  Mary presented the baby Jesus to God at the Jerusalem Temple (which you see depicted in this old work of art). 

According to Luke 2:32, a Jewish man, Simeon, held the baby in his arms and said he would be a light for the Gentiles.  It is the reason why this event is often referred to as Candlemas.  May God dispel the darkness in our lives each day with his light, and may we also aim to be lights that guide others to Jesus. 

Many of you know that February 2 is also called Groundhog Day. Those who hold to the seasonal superstition wait with bated breath on this date to see if the groundhog will see his shadow.  Tradition has it that if the groundhog sees his shadow the winter chill will continue for another six weeks, whereas should he not see his shadow, we can expect warmer temperatures and an early spring.   Let’s hope it’s a cloudy day!! (:

  • With in-person worship cancelled, we once again are given the opportunity of participating in the on-line worship at 11 a.m. on Sunday, January 30, with thanks especially to Rev’d Lynn and the faithful few who are allowed to be present at church while following the COVID guidelines to deliver the service online. However, stay tuned on Sunday and Rev’d Lynn will give you the latest updates with respect to in-person church worship.
  • The church office continues to remain closed to the public, but as you know now, if there should be a pastoral emergency, you can contact Rev’d Lynn at 682-8500.  If you need to make contact and it is not an emergency, you can leave a message on the office phone, 368-5693, and you will receive a response as soon as possible.
  • On February 28, in connection with the ‘Anglican Fellowship of Prayer,’ you are invited to tune in for an hour of biblical readings, reflection, music, intercession, silence, and other kinds of prayer.  You can actively participate or simply listen and pray quietly.  This will happen via Zoom and to join in the Zoom meeting the id is 82001408803 and the passcode is 359803.  There is also a list of numbers in your Chimes from last Sunday that will enable you to join by telephone using the same meeting id and passcode.
  • For those in need who would appreciate a free, hot, take-out meal, there is one being served from the entrance of the Church of the Good Shepherd today, Wednesday, January 26.  You can pick up one for yourself or for someone whom you know would appreciate one but is unable to be there.  The meals are being served from 5 to 6:30 p.m.
  • You know that you can continue with your church givings by dropping your church envelope at the church mailbox, by e-transfer, or by contacting the office to arrange for preauthorized givings. If you should donate in a plain envelope, please make sure to include your name, address, and the amount given on the envelope.  Thanks for your continued support!

That’s it for another week!
Stay safe, stay warm, and God Bless,
Jean (On behalf of the Ascension)