Ascension News (October 27, 2023)

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As you know the image of the church as the family of God is found throughout Christ’s teaching – He makes frequent use of the family imagery to define His mission.  Many have been heard to say that during the pandemic they missed their Church family.  It’s the togetherness that worshipping together creates, the deep relationships that are often formed through the church social events, the support that is offered to each other in times of sadness, the working together in outreach projects …. This is what the Church family is all about.  May God bless the Ascension family as it continues to grow in faith and in numbers.

A few notices for you:

  • The community free supper take-out meal is this evening, October 25, served as usual at the entrance to the Church of the Good Shepherd between 5 and 6 p.m.  If you, or someone you know, would like one of those meals, please come by.
  • The cold plate supper is this coming Friday.  As you know donations of cookies are needed and will be gratefully accepted to add to those cold plate suppers. Those preparing the plates would like the cookies to be delivered by noon on Thursday, October 26. Thanks in advance for your help.
  • Reminding you again, that if you want your loved one’s name read during the All Souls’ Service on November 2, you have to PRINT it in the book provided at the entrance to the church.
  • The food bank continues to need our help with non-perishables for those who are having difficulty these days.  Special thanks to those who continue to help.
  • The order form for Christmas puddings ($20 each) is at the entrance to the church.  Orders must be placed by November 3.
  • Thanks to all those who contributed in some way to the raising of over $800 at the afternoon card party on October 16.
  • There is going to be an Advent Bible Study!! It’s so wonderful to get back to pre-pandemic days! So, mark your calendars for Wednesday, November 29.  Please add your name to the list at the entrance to the church if you are interested, or you can either email [email protected]  or call the office at 709-368-5693.
  • Lots of things happening in these last few months of 2023.  So stay tuned, and mark your calendars so you won’t miss any opportunity to enjoy the company of your church family.

Enjoy the cold plate supper on Friday!

That’s it, folks!
God Bless you all,
Jean (On behalf of the Ascension)