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  • Recruitment: Membership for the Mount Pearl Company #4507 of CLB is now open to all youth. The CLB is divided into five age groups:  Little Training Corps (LTC) - Grades K and 1; Young Training Corps (YTC) - Grades 2 to 4; Junior Training Corps (JTC) - Grades 5 to 7; Senior Corps (SC) - Grades 8 to 12; Officers - age 19 and up. If you know a child or adult that may be interested in joining our company, please contact Company Commander Capt. Jamie Hill at  [email protected] or 699-3388 or Company Adjutant Cindy Onyia at [email protected] or 691-2069.  For more information, please call or refer to the CLB website at
  • Friday Dinner Take-out/Pick Up: Each Friday, the CLB will be offering dinner take-out (curbside pickup), or delivery on five or more dinners ordered. Curbside pick from CLB Armoury, 82 Harvey Road available on Friday from 12:00 - 1:30. To pre-order, you can call 722-1737. Order cutoff is 4:00 p.m. on Wednesdays. Gluten-Free option is available. Please advise us of any Allergies or Dietary Restrictions.
  • Halloween Chips:  CLB will once again be selling Old Dutch Halloween Chips and Cheesies. The box contains 24 bags and the cost is $6.50 per box.  Strict COVID-19 protocols will be followed. If you would like to support our CLB by purchasing a box, please contact Company Commanding Officer Jamie Hill at [email protected] or 699-3388 or Company Adjutant Cindy Onyia at [email protected] or 691-2069.