Weekly Word (April 25, 2021)

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This Sunday in the life of most Christian faith communities celebrate Good Shepherd Sunday. It is a Sunday in the season of Easter where persons reflect upon the person of Jesus as a good shepherd, as well as reflecting upon the nature of Christian vocations in various contexts. Along with this theme, within the life of worship we reflect upon Scripture as we examine the 23rd Psalm and portions of the I am sayings from John’s gospel through song and prayer.

This is the time of the year in which Spring is beginning to unfold, offering newness, perspective, and constant images of resurrection in our faith communities and within creation. This is the time when some may unravel the pondering of vocation the discerning of what one might be called to, or called from.

In this vein, I invite persons to consider what gifts and skills, passion and expertise they hold. Where do these parts find their expression in your life? Do you feel called in your life to exercise your beliefs and these parts of who you are with the wider community? How could this change your pattern of living, or caring, of compassion and action?

This weekend, consider who you are, and how you live out a vocation in your context. Has your vocation changed over the years? How have you moved deeper into your appreciation and response to the Holy One, the community of faith, the wider community and all of creation?

These are some of the things that I ponder as I consider Good Shepherd Sunday.

At times within the Christian community, the idea of vocation gets limited to merely ordained ministries (Bishop, priest, deacon) or ordered ministries within religious communities. The reality is that vocation goes well beyond the church designations. Persons of all walks of life have vocations, as parents, friends, partners, musicians, physicians, nurses, artists, engineers, leaders, teachers, healers, learners, and so much more. How has all that you are influenced how you follow a path in life? Is your path of life intertwined with listening and responding to those around you? How might you find the best way at this time to listen to the Holy One, and respond in community and creation with your best self?

Be Blessed this day and always,