(Apr. 12, 2024)

This past Monday is named on the church’s calendar as the ‘Annunciation of the Lord to the Blessed Virgin Mary’ – commemorating (according to the Gospel of Luke) the announcement by Gabriel to Mary that she would conceive and bear a son and was to name him Jesus.

This Annunciation highlights God’s plan of redemption and therefore reminds us of the importance of hope in these perilous times.

Take note of a few important messages:

  • Next Sunday, April 14, will be the 8:30 a.m. BCP Service followed by the Ascension Café.  If you are newcomers to the church and haven’t been to the Ascension Café, drop by and enjoy some homemade treats and meet some members of the parish family. 
  • The Diocesan Anglican Men’s Association (DAMA) will hold its spring supper, meeting, and service on Sunday, May 5 at St. Peter’s Church, Upper Gullies. It all begins at 5 p.m. Please confirm your attendance by April 25 by emailing Rev’d Bill Strong at [email protected]!
  • The next free community take-out meal will be on Wednesday, April 17.  For those who would appreciate such a meal, the meals will be available between 5 and 6 p.m. at the entrance to the Church of the Good Shepherd.  Thanks to all those who make these meals possible.
  • The afternoon card party on April 1 was a great success!  Total raised was $813.  The next card party will be on Monday, May 6 at 2 p.m.
  • Please continue to buy an extra grocery or two for the food bank box.  There are so many depending on our help.  Thank you for caring!
  • You might like to mark your calendars for Tuesday, May 14.  There is going to be a cold plate supper and time of fellowship at 6:30 that evening.  Enjoy an evening out for just $15 per person, or you can pick up a plate or two and enjoy it at home.  Tickets are available after service on Sundays, or from the office on weekdays from 9 to noon. 

Keep warm these cold days!  This too shall pass.
May God Bless you all,
Jean (On behalf of the Ascension)